Welcome to the new normal, and we don’t mean the “6 feet, socially distant” normal. The jump on a Zoom meeting… for the 4th time today! Kind of normal. We are a Team of well-organized, digitally inclined Technicians; With over 30 years of AV experience. We grew up in an Analog world and have been reborn in a “Socially distant, Digital one.
We are Technicians Reimagined 

Our Team is comprised of nationally sought locally based talent, with a heart for excellence. Today, you might need a Virtual/Remote V1 for your next online seminar, Tomorrow... A fully insured, COVID compliance crew. 

We live for LIVE AV. Our Show Crew, Technicians, and dedicated stagehands are ready for your live event. We are here to provide the best of what is available tailored to the client’s needs.

We provide a diverse and well-cultivated portfolio of experienced ready-to-work audiovisual professionals. 

Our 4 step hiring process ensures that our Technicians meet and excel in industry standards.

1. Meet technical knowledge and equipment experience criteria.

2. Applied work experience, Our techs know it because they have been there.

3. A proven sense of Customer Service, which means being vaccinated.

4. A passion for Safe work practices. Our Team excels in what we do

We saw an industry on the verge of collapse and said: “Let's reimagine it”. At LiveTen Media Services, our core belief is that no job is too small and no tech should be inexperienced. That is the "LiveTen Promise."

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